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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Due'Female/France Groups :iconmmdfrance: MMDFrance
MMD à la française !
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I'm using the programs MikuMikuDance, Metasequoia and Photoshop Elements 6.0.

I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzleYaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chanDespite all the drama in the community... by AwesomeLurkerMMD Stamp + PLZ account by Shioku990Athiest? by Estraven001Too many things -stamp- by Shantella



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1997 because I do what I want.

Why should you give me points ? Uuh..

:bulletgreen: Because you love Me : YEAH.

:bulletgreen: Make a Picture Request :Pay the price you want. (With choice of the model(s) / Choice of Being Edited in Photoshop or Not / Choice of the Theme )

:bulletred: Make a Model Request : NO, NON, NEIN, NEI, NADA.

Pretty please ?

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Bonjour !

Hi !
I'm Duekko, Due' for short. I'm a French MMD'er, currently in boarding school (meaning no presence on DA during weekdays, except during holidays). I'm 17, and a female.
I use MikuMikuDance, Metasequoia, and Photoshop CS6.

Other websites I'm on
MMD Tumblr :bulletblack: Main Tumblr (mainly reblogs)

My 'Online' Family

:iconduekko: -> Papadue', father of this nice family.
:iconklimeinster: -> Mamamae', our lovely mother

:iconsoalandy: -> Our (way too talented) son, queen of the kouhais.
:iconsilith2002: -> She likes doors way too much. And KH. eh.

And last but not least, our coffee maker

My (MMD) Family

:icondug-chi: :iconkasugakaoru:

Gifs by Sawakou (Tumblr) (It's a link, go check it out !)</font></sub>


.: BIG SHL 6 :. by Duekko
.: BIG SHL 6 :.
YYB式嫣汐 ver 1.0 model © YYB
ALYS YoiStyle model © ALYS YoiStyle model © adan-official [Yoistyle], Saphirya, VoxWave
YYB式初音ミクv1.00model © YYB
YYB式鏡音レンv1.00 model © YYB
Nari式重音テトVer1.01  model © Nari (Narisuke)
YYB式鏡音リン model © YYB
Tumblr post here.

The title is supposed to be a pun with "BIG HERO 6", you know, the movie, which for an unknown reason was named "Les nouveaux héros" in French. Sure, "Gros/Grands Héros 6" is bad in French, but they could have kept the title. They did for others.

Anyway, "SHL" is the acronym for Symbolic Hand Losange which mimicks the pattern which is on ALYS's outfit. I kinda wanted to make a picture with the SHL pose too, and for a little originality, did it with MMD (it's not original actually, others people used it already).
But I used more than just one model ..? And I wanted that the differents programs figures on the picture : so VOCALOID, UTAU, MUTA, and of course CeVioloid ! Yay !


Un peu de français quand même, pour la forme..
Je n'aurais ni le prix d'originalité, ni le prix de nombre de personnages, mais j'aimerais bien le prix "Image qui a presque fait crashé l'ordinateur parce que le fichier .pmm avait décidé d'être corrompu". J'ai du recourir à la magie noire pour le récupérer, m'voyez ?
Et puis six jolis models qui font le SHL, c'cool, non ? ..Non ..?
Z'êtes tous méchants de toute façon è3é)/

MME used

Shader(s) used : dGreenerShader

Other effects used : o_SSAO_HQ, o_Tonemap, o_LikeHDR, espresso, Airy_Navy, pure skin, 4color, DOF, ExcellentShadow, AutoLuminous, KiraKira, FishEye.

Physics off, Straight from MMD.
.: Pretty in Pink :. by Duekko
.: Pretty in Pink :.
Nari式重音テトVer1.01  model © Nari (Narisuke)
Tumblr post available here.

Pink. Lots of pink.

MME used

Shader(s) used : NCHL Shader [Simple, Skin, Glossy, Velvety]

Other effects used : o_SSAO, o_Tonemap, o_LikeHDR, o_Bleach-Bypass, sweet letro, cotton candy_pink, Airy_Navy, espresso, iolite, classicPink, likelooksB, WorkingFloor, KiraKira, ExcellentShadow, FishEye.

Physics off, Straight from MMD.
.: Exclusive :. by Duekko
.: Exclusive :.
YYB式嫣汐 ver 1.0 model © YYB
Tumblr post here.

YanXi is a voice for MUTA, a Chinese program in alpha stage, which is somehow between UTAU and CeViO in my opinion..?
Her demo, Exclusive Right is nice though, and the PV, as well as the model are great.

MME used

Shader(s) used : NCHL Shader [Simple, Skin, Glossy, Velvety]

Other effects used : o_SSAO_HQ, o_Tonemap, espresso, Airy_Navy, likelooksY, 4color, CMYParticle, AutoLuminous, HgPointLight, FishEye.

Physics off, Straight from MMD.
.: Windows 100% March Model :. Fumio Murakami by Duekko
.: Windows 100% March Model :. Fumio Murakami
村上文緒 Model © さぼてん (Saboten Wombat).

Who is Fumio Murakami ? Where is (s)he from ?

村上文緒 (Fumio Murakami) is from 「ガールフレンド(仮)」[Girlfriend (Kari/Beta)], a mobile dating sim game, which was made into an anime this year. One of the main characters in the anime, she is Mochizuki Erena's best friend. She is a third-year student in the book commitee.

This is the third model by Saboten for the Girlfriend (Beta) anime/game, the first two being Kokori Shina and Chloé Lemaire.

Girlfriend beta website
Girlfriend beta Anime website

Modeller's Blog. 
Fumio's page on Saboten's blog (Download her patch here !)
Windows 100% website.

:bulletblack: Format : PMD
:bulletwhite: Number of Models : 1
:bulletblack: Number of Bones : 143
:bulletwhite: Number of Joints : 38
:bulletblack: Number of Physics : 53
:bulletwhite: Extras bones : Center ||  Upper Body 2 ||  Rotation Bones (Arms)
:bulletblack:  States of Rigging : Nice (The skirt only has four bones).
:bulletwhite:  States of Physics : Nice (The leg may go trough the skirt).
:bulletblack: Number of Expressions : 4 Eyebrows, 9 Eyes, 11 Mouths, 1 Extras
:bulletwhite:Number of Textures : 9 png, 4bmp
:bulletblack:English compatible :
¤ Loading Screen : A little note in English.
¤ Textures : All in English
¤ Subsets : Not translated.
¤ Bones : Left in Japanese.
¤ Expressions : Left in Japanese.

No trade or redistribution will be done.

Straight from MMD, no shader applied. Physics off.
.: Cheerful Yellow :. by Duekko
.: Cheerful Yellow :.
初音ミク ちあふる Ver. model © Gency
Tumblr post here.

If I could buy one figma, I would buy the one of this module. She's really cute. Really.
Also, Gency's models are simple yet so hq ! They're great to use.

MME used

Shader(s) used : NCHL Shader2 [Simple, Skin, Velvety, Glossy].

Other effects used :  o_SSAO_HQ, o_Tonemap (x2), o_LikeHDR, o_Afterglow, 4color, classicChocolat, classicYellow, andmilk, Airy_Navy, cotton candy_pink, AutoLuminous, FishEye.

Physics off, Slightly edited with Photoshop CS6.

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