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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Due'Female/France Groups :iconmmdfrance: MMDFrance
MMD à la française !
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I'm using the programs MikuMikuDance, Metasequoia and Photoshop Elements 6.0.

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Bonjour !

Hi !
I'm Duekko, Due' for short. I'm a French MMD'er, currently in boarding school (meaning no presence on DA during weekdays, except during holidays). I'm 17, and a female.
I use MikuMikuDance, Metasequoia, and Photoshop CS6.

Other websites I'm on
MMD Tumblr :bulletblack: Main Tumblr (mainly reblogs)

My 'Online' Family

:iconduekko: -> Papadue', father of this nice family.
:iconklimeinster: -> Mamamae', our lovely mother

:iconsoalandy: -> Our (way too talented) son, queen of the kouhais.
:iconsilith2002: -> She likes doors way too much. And KH. eh.

And last but not least, our coffee maker

My (MMD) Family

:icondug-chi: :iconkasugakaoru:

Gifs by Sawakou (Tumblr) (It's a link, go check it out !)</font></sub>


.: Investigator DL :. by Duekko
.: Investigator DL :.
Click here to Download !

Happy Halloween 2014 ! I decided to release a little something for once.
!!WARNING!! Her shoulders sometimes bug a little bit, but you should still be able to use her for pictures, and eventually videos. Also, some of the "Face" expressions in the extras section looks scary when at 1.00, be careful ! Also, her eye is AutoLuminous compatible, it makes a free flashlight, yay ! When using the demonic arm expression, and the "bigger" one, her hand may looks weird when posed.. But I thought it looked cool, so I kept it like that//

Who is she ?
Investigator is some sort of cliché demon girl who likes to investigate spooky things. She's not harmful towards humans, and not "bad things" either, she's just really curious. Your OC is a demon/ghost/whatever ? S/he may encounter Investigator who wants to know who s/he is and what s/he's up to. 
I voluntarily did not give her too much of a personality for YOU to use her. You can freely use Investigator in your comics/pictures if you wish, without having her being too much of a OOC (except if she tries to kill humans ??). You can' t claim her of course, but you can use her without asking me. 
She has no definite name in the end (she mainly stays as Investigator), but if you really wish to give her a name, please pick a French sounding one ? I felt like it.

¤ You're not allowed to edit it; besides, all the parts used are written in the readme.
¤ Redistribution of present model is not allowed.
¤ Redistribution of edited model is not allowed.
¤ Please credit Duekko when using.
¤ I don't give a fuck if you comment or not if you downloaded her.

¤ Investigator.pmx
¤ Read_me.txt
¤ Investigator.txt [A few informations about the character]

¤ Base : Stylc - Nene-megurine
¤ Face : Kio - Rolneeq
¤ Hair : MichiKairin (Main) - TehPuroisen (Ponytail)
¤ Collar : TehPuroisen
¤ Horns : Ula [Extracted by TehPuroisen]
¤ Glasses : MissingPixieSticks
¤ Outfit [Top, Skirt, Shoes] : Tehrainbowllama
¤ Textures, Extras Expressions, Character : Duekko
¤ Special thanks to Silith2002 : Help with Top Rig

Model shown here is shown without any shader/effects.
[WIP] I did a thing by Duekko
[WIP] I did a thing
Hello, it's literally been months since I last opened PMX Editor, so yeah, it's not that great, but I tried. I still need to edit the textures, and maybe add a few accessories.. Any ideas ? 

She will be some ciché investigator school-girl, whatever. She's a nice character, even if she has "demon" thingie (her black arm is an expression). More info when finished.. Also, if you have ideas for her name ..? But I may keep her as "Spooks Investigator", I will see.

Credits when finished.

Physics off, Straight from MikuMikuDance.
Dear, I feel like being that annoying character in every sitcom.

Anyway, two things.

1/ The DL Series will most likely be stopped, except maybe with rare exceptions for DA edits I love and want to be more recognized. But I may just make a normal picture for them. Just consider the DL Series are stopped.

2/ Those who goes on Citrusmoothie may have seen that, since October 21, there is suddenly more in the descriptions.. And there is a good reason for that !
Xoriu nicely accepted a partnership with me ! So now, I will add more to the descriptions; rules, if it is English friendly, and a quick check of the rig, physics and expressions. Not as detailed as my DL Series, but there is definitely more ! Be sure to check them out ! The good thing is that when new models comes out , people may not know the editing rules, as opposed to DA edits where the rules are often stated or easier to understand ; and they will be able to now !

I hope this partnership will last a long time, and that you people will enjoy it !

I hope you all have a good day,
.: Windows 100% November Model :. Shina Kokomi by Duekko
.: Windows 100% November Model :. Shina Kokomi
椎名心実 Model © Saboten Wombat

Who's is  Shina Kokomi  ? Where is (s)he from ?

Shina Kokomi (椎名心実) is from the dating smartphone game Girlfriend Beta [ガールフレンド(仮)], an application which now has an anime (started on October 13). Among the 100 girls you can date, Shina Konomi (or Shiina) is a second-year student who's from the gymnastics club.

Girlfriend beta website
Girlfriend beta Anime website

Modeller's Blog.
Shina Konomi's page on Saboten's blog (a patch for her is available !)
Windows 100% website.

:bulletblack: Format : PMD 
:bulletwhite: Number of Models : 1
:bulletblack: Number of Bones : 173
:bulletwhite: Number of Joints : 50
:bulletblack: Number of Physics : 64
:bulletwhite: Extras bones : Center ||  Upper Body 2 || Rotation Bones (Arms) 
:bulletblack:  States of Rigging : Good
:bulletwhite:  States of Physics : Good (especially the hair !)
:bulletblack: Number of Expressions : 4 Eyebrows, 10 Eyes, 10 Mouths, 1 Extras
:bulletwhite:Number of Textures : 9 png, 3 bmp (toons)
:bulletblack:English compatible :
¤ Loading Screen : Both in Japanese, however there is a note in Engish in the Engish one !
¤ Textures : All in English
¤ Subsets : Not named
¤ Bones : Not Translated
¤ Expressions : Not Translated

No trade or redistribution will be done.

Straight from MMD, no shader applied. Physics off.
.: Yukari :. by Duekko
.: Yukari :.
yukari_nt model © Ula-P

Why did Ula-P hide models in the texture and sph folders I have no idea. Literally no idea. 
Maybe they were WIPs that will be put in the normal folder when finished.

MME used

Shader(s) used :
> pmotskin
> GreenerShader_ES

Other effects used :
> o_Tonemap
> o_SelfOverlay
> HGPointLight
> espresso
> Burgundy
> pure_skin
> ExcellentShadow
> FishEye

Physics off, Straight from MMD.

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